Vision of Eckart’s Notes

In the book ‘Eckart’s Notes‘ Eckart Wintzen explains the success formula with which he transformed BSO/Origin from one-man company to a multinational. In the book, the controversial ‘cell philosophy’ is discussed with which Wintzen made BSO/Origin so successful. Eckart longed for an alternative to  common management structures. He was convinced that it is most effective (and fun) to work with a maximum of 50 colleagues. The idea being that you work best with people you know and also that having the opportunity to take responsibility is the best motor for enthusiasm and quality.  As soon as the 51st employee entered the company,  the group would split to create two independent ‘cells’. This process went on and on. The holding company provided a system for reporting, as well as the ground rules (or ‘ten commandments’) of the company. Also, the company logo and office furnishing were strictly dictated, so clients would easily recognize the different cells to belong to one organization. The following Infographic explains this form of organization in more detail.

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