Vision of Holacracy

In the book “HolacracyBrian Robertson outlines a ground-breaking approach to organisation: no managers, only roles. By using this method, the gap between how things are and how they could be are incorporated quickly and effectively. This allows an organization to benefit from an increased ability to evolve continuously and dynamically.

On the one hand Robertson is inspired by an urban environment where people share space and resources without bosses who constantly tell them what to do. On the other hand Robertson is inspired by the body that functions using of a distributed system: a network of autonomous, self-organizing units located anywhere in the body.

However, accountabilities and authority should not be given to others such as parents do with their children. After all, by empowering others in a business structure that deprives authority by definition, people are paradoxically forced a role of victim.

Also the consensus approach which gives everyone the opportunity to make themselves heard, proves ineffective. Consensus cannot be applied on a large scale and requires such impractical investment in terms of time and energy that the system will often be circumvented.

As an urban environment and the body, individuals need to be given the power to respond to certain things themselves within their own domain of work without input from an authorial leader. In Holacracy there is no one or no group of people who designs the organization behind a drawing board, but the accountability and decision making power will be laid on those shoulders where they belong: in the workplace.

But just as many of our current software applications wouldn’t run well on MS- DOS, the new processes, techniques, or cultural changes we might try to adopt simply won’t run well on an operating system built around an older paradigm. To truly transform an organization there should be focused on upgrades of the fundamental aspects of how organizations function. The following infographic (click to enlarge) explains Holacracy in more detail.

Click to enlarge (open in PDF)
Click to enlarge (open in PDF)

Book: Holacracy: The New Management System for a Rapidly Changing World


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